5 Team Building Ideas For Your Next Training Meeting

5 Team Building Ideas For Your Next Training Meeting

Team Building Activities Are Great For Internal Networking

In large medical device or pharmaceutical companies, it’s often challenging to get a sales team or your regional managers to reach out to other people within the organization. These meetings offer a great opportunity for internal networking!  Here are 5 team building ideas for your next meeting.

1.  Bonding Belt

The Bonding Belt is an activity which takes about 15-30 minutes and the goal is to move the group from one point to another.  You can bond the group with painter’s tape or rope.  Based on the meeting purpose or strategic goals for the year, you might want to make the movement of the group related to this theme.  For example, if your theme for the year is “Inspire Change” you may want to have the group move from the starting point of “The Mountain of Procrastination” to the “Sea of Possibility.”  A little cheesy I know, but you get the idea.

2.  Back-to-Back Drawing

The Back-to-Back Drawing activity involves dividing your group into pairs.  Make sure they’re sitting back to back and cannot see one another.  Give one person an object to draw and then give the other person a pencil and a pad of paper.  This exercise is a great tool for understanding how people communicate with one another. And creating better strategies for communication.

3.  The Ropes Course

Depending on the size of your group, sometimes getting off site before the meeting is a great way to help kick off the meeting in a positive light.  The tried and true Ropes Course activity is a great way to help employees build trust and communication within the group dynamic.  Having a shared experience that people can discuss and build upon is a great way to create enthusiasm within a team.

4. The Paper Tearing Exercise

Another great team building exercise to emphasize the importance of communication is The Paper Tearing Exercise.  In this exercise, the participants receive a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and should then be asked to close their eyes or are blindfolded.  Next,  a set of instructions is given.  These instructions include items such as: fold the sheet in 1/2, tear the right corner, etc.  After the instructions have been given, the participants are asked to remove their blindfolds.  It’s highly entertaining for the participants to view and discuss their piece of paper.  Furthermore, it presents a very real example of how important communication is.

5.  The Coin Logo

This activity inspires a little bit of creativity but is a lot of fun.  The Coin Logo activity begins by having each participant empty their pockets.  Next, the participants have to create a personal logo that involves some or all of the items.  Facilitators may want to provide pencil and paper as well to help inspire creativity.  This activity is useful because it demonstrates in a very quick way each person’s personal brand.  This is a great networking activity.


In large organizations, a few team building activities serve as great ice breakers.  Don’t forget to brand each of your team building activities based on your theme or purpose for the meeting.  If you create theme specific activities, the message and the activity will stick with your attendees long after they leave the meeting.


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